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We’ve Got New Shoes!

We just completed the longest web design project in history: 2+ years! Maybe not, but at least the longest one in our company’s 8-year history. Phew! No matter how you look at it, two years is far too long for a design/development project. Totally unacceptable, if you ask me.

The good news in all this? It wasn’t your website and or a client’s website that took so long to design/develop. (It usually takes 1-2 months to create a website A-Z). No, the website we’ve been working on for so long – OFF and on – is our own website, which just went live by the way. You can check it out at genwebmarketing.com.

If you’re reading this and are a business owner or head of the marketing department, perhaps you can relate. As the old saying goes, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Needless to say, we’ve been pretty busy designing websites for our clients… which we love doing! In the meantime, our own website has been repeatedly pushed to the back burner, as it were. Bummer for us. The upside of all this? We’ve had the privilege to work with some great companies and people to design some amazing, conversion optimized, and mobile-responsive (mobile-friendly) websites.

Can you relate to the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” syndrome in your own business? Comment below.

And by the way, we’d love your feedback on our new website.

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